Chamber Honors 2015: Aquarium of Niagara with Special Recognition Award

Aquarium of Niagara Executive Director Gay Molnar accepts special recognition for aquarium's 50th anniversary.
Aquarium of Niagara Executive Director Gay Molnar accepts special recognition for aquarium’s 50th anniversary.

2015 marks a milestone for the Aquarium of Niagara, and the Niagara Chamber USA is not letting that go unnoticed.

50 years ago, a small group of scientists founded the aquarium to demonstrate artificial seawater. Hailed as an Inland Ocenarium, this institution was the first ever to maintain sea life exclusively using synthetic seawater. Trade named Instant Ocean, this sophisticated culture medium was developed by William E. Kelley and Richard Segedi which is still mixed on-site and used today.

The Aquarium of Niagara is now operated by the Niagara Aquarium Foundation. Its mission centers on raising awareness of aquatic ecosystems while promoting conservation and supporting research. Many of us have had a chance to experience the mission at work. It’s in the wonder in the eyes of a child at seeing a penguin, shark or starfish. Science truly comes to life.

Now the Aquarium is starting one of the most important remodeling campaigns in its history “Join our Journey”. This is an unprecedented opportunity to enhance, beautify, and build on the amazing exhibits that have earned the aquarium the nickname of Niagara’s “Other Water World”. This phase focuses on the first floor of the facility highlighting a new interactive Humboldt Penguin Exhibit, a new Education/Animal Encounter Classroom and refurbished aquatic exhibits.

Niagara USA celebrates the Aquarium of Niagara’s legacy and dedication to educating and entertaining families all over the world.
Honorees also include:
Seneca Niagara Gaming Corporation – National Grid Green Manufacturing Award
TREK – Industry Insider Award
Molly Anderson – Father Joseph L. Levesque Award for Community Advocacy
Lockport Ice Rink & Sports Center, Inc. – Groundbreaking Award
Faisal Merani – Business Person of the Year
Yahoo! – Business of the Year

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