Leading with a single voice.

At the Niagara USA Chamber, we provide a powerful and collective voice for Niagara County businesses on all levels: local, regional, and national. We work hard in the legislative arena to represent your interests to elected officials and agencies.

As an individual business, it’s not always possible to take the lead role in key issues in the Niagara region. But by joining the Niagara USA Chamber, you’ll gain an advocate who will lobby on your behalf for the issues that are important to you, like Workers’ Compensation reform and low-cost power.

In fact, our entire purpose here at the Niagara USA Chamber is to help businesses — like yours — to achieve success.

Niagara USA Chamber of Commerce Legislative Agenda

The Niagara USA Chamber is Niagara County’s leading business advocacy organization.  In representing our membership, we must bring their issues to the forefront and bridge the gap between business and government so we can lead with one voice and be instrumental in affecting change.

On behalf of our members, we strive to recognize the opportunities for growth and develop resolutions to issues that are challenging to businesses.  We support business development and economic progress and oppose those measures that are detrimental to rebuilding the private sector and the economy.  This document highlights Chamber priorities.  However, as the voice of our members, there are many more issues we will be actively engaged in.

Niagara USA Chamber 2021-2022 Advocacy Agenda 


New York State to create and maintain consistent COVID-19 guidelines for companies, particularly small businesses, that take into consideration not only the health requirements for safely operating, but the impact on their sustainability and economic future. 

The U.S. and Canada to jointly create a policy for re-opening the CanAm border that prioritizes health and safety while acknowledging the need for solutions affecting our binational regional economy. 

With the assistance of the chamber of commerce, New York State and Niagara County to strengthen and widen community education and proposed energy projects. 

New York State to implement measures that will promote sustainability for farms, including labor and land use policies, wetland regulations and rural broadband infrastructure. 

STOP new burdensome regulations on employers, especially small businesses. New York State to strengthen outreach to employers to educate them in regard to any new state regulations, timelines, and responsibilities. 

Better connect higher education, trades and vocational schools to businesses and their future workforce needs; expand transportation opportunists in Niagara County to provide more widespread access between workers and jobs. 

Comprehensive reform of Niagara Falls property tax environment, including timely reassessments and elimination of homestead rules. 

New York State to ensure fair share of aid for Upstate school districts, infrastructure, et. al. 


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