Governor Cuomo Announces Launch of Statewide Business Ad Campaign

“New New York Works For Business” Ads And Website Aimed at Attracting, Creating, and Retaining Jobs in New York State

Ads Created By BBDO, Voiced Over By Robert DeNiro, and Feature Music By Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Albany, NY (June 21, 2012)

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that New York State has launched “The New New York Works For Business” ads and website, a campaign to show the nation why New York is the place for businesses to grow, thrive and expand, creating jobs and revenue.

The Governor, joined by Speaker Sheldon Silver, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and advertising agency BBDO Chief Executive Officer John Osborn, presented six ads today that will run across the country, highlighting the state’s economic opportunities. The “New New York Works for Business” initiative is part of “New York Open for Business,” a $50 million business marketing campaign that passed in the last two budget cycles.

The ads were designed and produced by BBDO New York, in partnership with Empire State Development (ESD), and were voiced over by Robert DeNiro, and feature the song “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, all New Yorkers.

“By sending the message that New York is the place for businesses to come and thrive, we can deliver on our number one priority: creating jobs, jobs, jobs,” said Governor Cuomo. “We are competing against many other states that have been working for years to entice businesses but it is time for the business community to realize that our state is the place for them to succeed and prosper. By telling the stories of businesses that are already succeeding in our state, we can attract even more economic opportunity and jobs here for New Yorkers. I commend Majority Leader Skelos and Assembly Speaker Silver for working together to attract business to New York and get people back to work.”

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said, “Working with Governor Cuomo and our partners in the Assembly, we’ve reduced spending and taxes, and made New York a more attractive place to do business. ‘New York Open for Business’ will highlight the progress we’ve made, and is yet another tool to encourage companies to relocate, stay or even grow their business here in New York. I applaud the Governor for this initiative, and look forward to continuing to work to help businesses create jobs and strengthen our economy.”

“The new marketing campaign unveiled by the Governor this afternoon sends a clear and eloquent message that New York State is indeed ‘open for business.’ Seeing the rebuilding of the World Trade Center featured in this campaign renews my confidence that the Empire State is moving ever forward on the path to a historic economic comeback. Working with the Governor, we will do all that we can to retain and grow our existing businesses and to attract new companies to every region of our great state.”

“BBDO is proud to be part of this effort,” said John Osborn, President & CEO, BBDO New York. “We are a New York state business and have been here for over 100 years. We know what New York has to offer. So we wanted to create a campaign with a pace and energy that captures, celebrates and reinforces the State’s renewed focus on the business community. At the same time we wanted to demonstrate the depth and breadth of business services that New York State offers. Osborn added, “Who better to help bring this story to life than definitive New Yorkers like Robert DeNiro, Jay Z and Alicia Keys?”

Due to the efforts to improve New York’s business climate, the state is growing and retaining businesses. New York’s private sector job count now stands at 7,321,400 – an all-time high. Also, in May 2012, New York State’s labor force increased by 28,200, the largest jump in monthly labor force levels since late 2001.

In addition, “The New New York Works For Business” launch follows a recent report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that placed New York among the Top 10 states for growth, productivity and livability. New York jumped 11 spots from its previous ranking. This study was based on the state’s ability to boost exports, foster innovation, provide business with certainty, have reasonable taxes, insist on excellence in education, and prioritize infrastructure in order to create jobs and economic growth.

The campaign presented today consists of 60 and 30 second commercials intended to introduce the business community to “The New New York,” a New York that is partnering with business. These two ads are supported by four 30 second spots that focus on compelling stories of businesses from around the state that are growing and thriving, including FAGE Total Authentic Greek Yogurt, Smith Electric Vehicles, the Global 450 Consortium and BAE Systems. Combined, these four stories help to demonstrate the breadth of the state’s business offerings.

As part of “The New New York Works For Business” campaign, the state is also launching a new website – [2] – which will provide quick access to information for all areas of business assistance available from New York State. From starting a business, to accessing tax credits and funding incentives, to international trade, to regional assistance, this will be a one-stop shop for all businesses to successfully thrive in New York.

Filming for the campaign began in April 2012. BBDO worked hand-in-hand with ESD during this time. The TV ads will run in all New York State markets and on national networks.

Below are brief outlines of each of the business stories:


FAGE came to the U.S. from Greece and set up as a small dairy producer in upstate New York, but quickly grew as Greek yogurt became more popular. To support this rapid growth, New York State and FAGE partnered to allow the company to expand where it needed to the most: close to New York’s dairy farmers.

FAGE has grown from a small importer to a nationally-recognized leader in the yogurt industry. To meet its growing demands, FAGE will construct an 80,000 square foot production facility adjacent to its existing plant in Johnstown Industrial Park, Fulton County.

The total project cost is estimated at over $100 million, with the state contributing an incentive package valued at over $1.5 million to support the creation of 130 new jobs over three years and the retention of 160 existing jobs.




In September 2011, in one of the biggest economic development deals in New York State history, five leading international companies agreed to invest $4.4 billion to create the next generation of computer chip technology. The agreement marks an unprecedented level of private investment in the nanotechnology sector in New York and an international victory, as New York beat out countries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to attract tech giants IBM, Intel, Samsung, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and TSMC to create and retain approximately 6,900 jobs.

The investment in the state is made up of two projects. The first project, which will be led by IBM and its partners, will focus on making the next two generations of computer chips. These new chips will power advanced systems of all sizes, including computers and national security applications. This new commitment by IBM brings its total investment in chip technology in New York to more than $10 billion in the last decade.

The second project, which is a joint effort by Intel, IBM, TSMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, and Samsung, will focus on transforming existing 300 mm technology into the new 450 mm technology. The new technology will produce more than twice the number of chips processed on today’s 300 mm wafers, thus lowering costs to deliver future generations of technology with greater value and lower environmental impact.

In addition to the $4.4 billion private investment, New York State will invest $400 million in the SUNY College for Nanoscale and Science Engineering (CNSE) in Albany.



In November 2011, following the severe destruction of property and interruption of business activity caused by flooding, New York State was able to step in and save one of the Southern Tier region’s biggest employers – BAE Systems – preserving the jobs of approximately 1,350 local residents.

BAE System’s Main Street facility sustained major flood damage in the aftermath of the historic flooding caused by Tropical Storm Lee. At the height of the flooding, the BAE Systems plant was inundated with 16 million gallons of water, causing potentially tens of millions of dollars in damage. In October 2011, the company announced it would not be returning to the Johnson City facility and was looking within a 35 mile radius for a new facility. Losing the company at this location would have meant a staggering impact on the local economy, families, communities, and school districts as BAE Systems is one of the largest employers in the area.

To assist BAE Systems, the state put together an incentive package of $40 million in job and investment-related tax credits over a five-year period through legislation that enabled companies significantly affected by natural disasters to receive disaster-related tax benefits for retaining jobs in New York State.



In November 2011, Smith Electric Vehicles (Smith), a leader in zero-emission, all-electric commercial vehicles, announced that it would invest $8 million toward the establishment of a clean technology manufacturing facility in the South Bronx, New York, which will create more than 100 new jobs. A package of state and city incentives valued at over $6 million is being provided to augment the company’s private investment, in addition to an $8 million private investment. The state also announced the development of a $10 million federally-funded commercial electric vehicle buyer incentive program to encourage the purchase of zero-emission vehicles and attract green companies to New York State.

Under the terms of the agreement, Smith will lease a 90,000 square foot building near Hunts Point in the South Bronx and make investments in renovations, equipment, training, and other project costs. Smith will renovate and equip the former Murray Feiss building in the South Bronx for its manufacturing assembly, service, and sales facility. Beginning in 2012, the company will manufacture the Newton™, a zero-emission, all-electric commercial vehicle that delivers a market-leading range, a payload of more than 16,000 pounds, and an average annual operating cost that is one-third to one-half that of conventional diesel vehicles. PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, Duane Reade, Coca Cola, and Down East Seafood have purchased and currently operate Smith Newtons in New York City.

Kenneth I. Chenault, Chairman and CEO of American Express, said, “As the public and private sectors are working hard to make New York a leading state for businesses, we need to communicate all the advantages the state has to offer. This new marketing campaign shows why New York, under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, is once again the place to be for businesses that are growing and creating jobs.”

Russell M. Artzt, Vice Chairman and Founder of CA Technologies, said, ” “With every new business we see starting up and every successful New York business deciding to stay here, it is clear that Governor Cuomo’s efforts to make state government work again are paying off. This marketing campaign will take that success and turn it into more business and more jobs for New Yorkers by attracting companies to invest and create jobs here. It is a great investment for our state to make in its future.”

G. Thomas Tranter, Jr., President of Corning Enterprises, said, “Through achievements like the creation of Regional Councils, the New York Works infrastructure plan and a return to fiscally responsible budgeting, Governor Cuomo has fundamentally changed New York’s approach to business growth. These accomplishments have demonstrated a new level of competence that has paved the way for a restored confidence by CEOs who now see the benefits of doing business in the new New York. The New York Open for Business marketing effort is critical to spreading the word to businesses far and near of why they should be taking a look at New York.”

Julie Shimer, ESDC Chair and Welch Allyn Inc. Chief Innovation Officer, said, “Business is about competition and thanks to Governor Cuomo’s efforts to improve the state’s business environment, New York is better positioned to compete for business investment. This marketing campaign will create new opportunities for our Upstate economies to accelerate recovery and grow by demonstrating that New York is not only open for business but it is good for business.”

Kathy Bloomgarden, Ph.D., CEO of Ruder Finn Inc., said, “This marketing campaign captures the spirit of optimism that comes with New York’s growing reputation as a leading state for businesses, and the ideal site to grow and create jobs. By highlighting the benefits of doing business in New York, we can better attract companies from across the country and around the globe, showcasing the new New York as the best home for their business.”

Eric Mower, Chairman and CEO, Eric Mower and Associates, said, “After years of other states luring away our businesses and jobs, it is pleasing to see the Empire State is striking back, with a new marketing campaign to show businesses that New York is the place to be. Building on Governor Cuomo’s business-first approach to economic growth, this campaign will be critical in telling New York’s story to prospective businesses around the state and around the nation.”

Robert G. Wilmers, Chairman and CEO of M&T Bank Corporation, said, “Attracting private sector investment and business growth is a key component of Governor Cuomo’s plan for a new New York. Through the new ‘Open for Business’ campaign, we will show companies from New York to California and around the globe that we are once again becoming a premier place for businesses to grow and invest. As New York changes its approach to economic development, this marketing campaign will help us strengthen our image to build a more prosperous economy.”

Donny Deutsch, Chairman of Deutsch Inc. advertising agency, said, “The Open for Business marketing campaign uses real New York business stories to show why New York is an ideal place for a business to grow. As Governor Cuomo rebuilds New York through effective leadership, this important marketing campaign will rebrand New York with a coordinated and comprehensive communications program that will tell the state¹s story as a dynamic and vibrant place to do business.”

Shelly Lazarus, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, said, “Marketing efforts like this are critical to building the economic future of New York. There is a new attitude in our state toward business as a result of Governor Cuomo’s efforts. And now we need to get the message out.”

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