From the desk of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Building a New NY….with you

Dear Fellow New Yorker,

We are off to a great start in the State of New York in 2012. We’re building on the real progress we made last year in transforming our economy, balancing our state budget and reducing income taxes for the middle class to the lowest level since 1953. 

Most importantly, our government is performing and has regained the public trust. I believe the key to reforming Albany is mobilizing the public to get involved and express their views to elected officials. Special interests only win in a vacuum. Democracy works when every voice is heard.        

We have proposed a bold agenda for the upcoming year. It includes reforming our education system with real teacher evaluations, ending the practice of fingerprinting working families on food assistance, creating tens of thousands of jobs through major infrastructure investments, building a DNA databank to stop crime and protect all New Yorkers, and lowering the tax burden on localities through pension reform and eliminating state laws that drive up the cost of local government.

Without a doubt, this is an ambitious reform plan, but we cannot move forward without you. 

Make your voice heard and encourage your friends and family to join us at

Only by working together can we move New York forward.


Andrew M. Cuomo

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