Niagara Gazette: Aquarium of Niagara announces 5th annual Penguin Days amateur photo contest winners

Niagara Gazette — It appears there’s a lot of passion for penguins out there — at least according to Aquarium of Niagara officials.

The Falls facility announced the three winners of the fifth annual Penguin Days Amateur Photo Contest on Friday — three images highlight the photographer’s passion for penguins, says a release.

“People’s love of penguins is clear by looking at the winning entries, and all of the entries that we received during the contest,” said Dan Arcara, supervisor of exhibits for the aquarium. “The contest shows how much people love penguins, and we are thankful to all who have shared their memories, and pictures.”

The contest attracted more than 80 photos from Western New York. Pictures include penguins from South Africa, Antarctica, and aquarium and zoological institutions throughout North America.

The winners:

FIRST PLACE: Bill Dorsey of Cheektowaga. He captured first prize with “Fish Lover,” a shot of Araya, a Humboldt penguin, having dinner at the Aquarium of Niagara. Dorsey’s prize is a penguin encounter allowing him a unique view of the aquarium penguins.

• SECOND PLACE: Allan Gellin of Williamsville. He won second prize with “Feeding Time” a photo of a Chinstrap penguin feeding its chick in Antarctica. Gellin will be receiving an 8-by-10-inch unframed penguin art piece by one of the aquarium artists.

• HONORABLE MENTION: Melissa Ciurzynski of Western New York. She took home honorable mention with “Love Birds” a photograph of African penguins taken on her visit to SANCCOB Cape Town, South Africa. SANCCOB is a leading marine non-profit organization with a vision to conserve seabirds and other sea life, especially threatened species such as the African penguin. As the honorable mention winner Melissa receives a 4-by-6 inch penguin art piece.

Participant entries and winning photos in the contest were showcased during this past weekend’s Penguin Days Celebration and will be on display at the aquarium through the summer.

For more information on Penguin Days photo contest go to the facility’s website or call 285-3575, ext. 211.


Source: Staff Reports (March 25, 2013). Aquarium of Niagara announces 5th annual Penguin Days amateur photo contest winners. Retrieved from

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