NYSERDA Economic Development Growth Extension (EDGE) Program

 The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks proposals from qualified organizations to provide regionally-based, economic development outreach and customer relationship services via the NYSERDA Economic Development Growth Extension (EDGE) Program. Selected contractor(s) will provide services that will increase awareness of NYSERDA programming by partnering with key regional stakeholders, to assist end users such as consumers, businesses, and public and not-for-profit organizations. For more information, visit http://www.nyserda.ny.gov/Funding-Opportunities/Current-Funding-Opportunities/RFP-2570-Regional-Economic-Development-Outreach.aspx

NYSERDA will select contractor(s) to help promote long-term and permanent changes in energy consumption patterns by increasing consumers’ understanding of energy choices and fostering changes in attitude and behavior. The selected contractor(s) will deploy Regional Outreach Contractors (ROCs) who will provide on-the-ground outreach and support to promote the value of energy efficiency, sustainable growth practices, clean energy technologies, and innovations using carefully constructed public-private partnerships. ROCs will build relationships with key economic development and like-organizations to provide direct customer support and move participants into NYSERDA Programs. ROCs will focus their outreach efforts on energy projects of regional significance and/or priority projects identified by the Regional Economic Development Councils (REDCs).


NYSERDA anticipates awarding up to three contracts to provide services in all regions within the State. Regionally based staff or sub-contracting with local organizations that have established relationships and knowledge of the region is encouraged. In addition, one contractor will provide statewide Program Support Services, as defined in this Request for Proposal (RFP). The initial contract period will be for two-years, with an optional, two-year extension at NYSERDA’s discretion. The program is expected to run from January 1, 2013, until December 31, 2016.


A non-mandatory, informational conference call will be held for potential proposers on September 6, at 2:00 P.M. The meeting will serve as a question and answer session for the RFP. Parties who intend to participate must send an email indicating such to economicdevelopment@nyserda.ny.gov by 12:00 noon on Wednesday September 5, 2012, with the subject line “PON 2570 Teleconference”. Respondents will be provided with a teleconference dial-in number and pass code. Proposers may submit questions prior to the call to economicdevelopment@nyserda.ny.gov

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