Governor Cuomo Addresses Jobs in Most Recent Statewide E-Mail Address

In an e-mail message distributed state-wide today from the desk of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, he states that the best way to get New York’s economy moving again is by focusing on three things: jobs, jobs, and jobs.
The Governor has designed an economic blueprint to create tens of thousands of jobs by putting New Yorkers to work on vital projects that will keep New York competitive and safe.
These projects include improving more than 100 bridges, repairing 2,000 miles of roadways, building a new energy superhighway to power economic growth throughout the state, and using private investment to construct the largest convention center in the nation.
Click here to learn more about Governor Cuomo’s bold plan to create jobs and restore our economy. 
New York State works when New Yorkers are working. Together, with Governor Cuomo’s plan, we will build a better future for our state.
P.S. — Looking for a job? Find jobs by region and sector and see which industries are growing on the Jobs Express web site.

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