Governor Cuomo Addresses the 2012 NYS Budget

Dear New Yorkers,

Recently I submitted the 2012-2013 Executive Budget and Reform Plan to the Legislature. Because of the tough choices we made last year, we were able to balance this budget without broad cuts and with no new taxes, fees or borrowing.

Our plan is a pro-growth economic blueprint that will create tens of thousands of jobs by fostering private sector investment. It will lower the cost of government and help reduce property taxes through important proposals like pension reform and mandate relief. And it will move our state to a performance-based education system that puts students first.

We are proposing dramatic change and it’s not going to be easy to get it done. The need for reform and the benefits to the state are obvious, but we will face significant challenges as we work to change the status quo.

But with your help – if we come together as New Yorkers as we did last year – we can make these reforms reality.

Join me in transforming New York.


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Follow the link: 2012 Budget Address January 17, 2012

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