Expand Your Online Presence by Volunteering for the Niagara USA Chamber!

We’ve redesigned our website but we’d like to make it more regionally significant by featuring the Niagara region and its businesses. If you or someone in your business is interested in having your photo featured prominently on our web-site please contact mwatz@niagarachamber.org.

We are looking for nothing more than a little bit of your time. We’ll come to your business or meet you at a convenient predetermined destination with Dave Young, a professional photographer and owner of Photos by DY.

When the photo shoot is complete you may have an electronic copy of your photo/photos at no charge and we will feature the photo on our website. Posted photos will include a caption identifying the person and business featured. This image is not a “linkable” photo.

If this project generates significant participation then we will rotate the photos so everyone has the opportunity to participate. This is a benefit only available to Niagara USA Chamber of Commerce members.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d truly appreciate your participation!

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